Saturday, August 15, 2009

blog is back

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

I will definitely get the rest of the dogs on Sunday, tomorrow.

I think I was bluffing about the blog on strike. But still, if there are 40 dogs here, why did the video only get 15 hits? Now that the hits are up over 50, I'll continue.

Looking over the list, I see I need to go back out and take a bunch more swimming with the video -- it's easier to get into the pond now that the hay is cut.

You'll see some dogs getting washed. The groomer brings her kids when she comes. Those dogs are all home already.

I have some videos a week old I'm adding to this one.

Tina: crazy with a hose
Elly: went home
Louie: fine, needs to go swimming again
Whitman: swimming
Lola: plays with pig
Maggie Lou: pushy today
Daisy: happy go lucky again
Max: three high strung boston terriers
macey: doing well, need to take back out
miles: fine
Mowgli: swim?
Katie: needs a swim
Sailor: another high strung boston terrier
Rusty: pig play
Cozy: same quiet self-- needs a swim too
Happy: settled in fine now... sorry I didn't have time to show you around
Allie: slowing down...
Hailey: swim
Samantha: with colin right now, clever girl can open the door
Romeo: doing well
Nora: swam?
Bobby: pony ride
Sundance: cooling
Lucky: naughty
Mingus: good boy
Manning: which one is manning and which one is reilly?
McGee: sitting on the porch now
Kodiak: with the other arctic style dogs
Sinbad: off that spot
sugar: went under the barn
Bond: swim
Pixel: only I can keep him from the other dog's food, so on the days I feed them, I am especially strict


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Daisy! And you too.

Anonymous said...

we were so excited to see McGee in the video!! Looks like he's a happy camper.