Friday, August 21, 2009

two hikes/bike rides from the chatham house

This entry is about biking, or walking, out of the house we have for rent in Chatham. For dogs, scroll down. It's really a continuation and addition to my entry about stuff to do in and around Chatham New York.

To the stream at Shufelt Road
2.4 mi – about 45 mins walking, 15 minutes biking

1. Head west on Kinderhook St away from the downtown area, pass Library Place and keep going
0.4 mi

2. Continue on Pond Hill Rd (which is basically a continuation of Kinderhook street)
You'll be next to a pond (on the left) and you'll pass under a railroad bridge.
0.9 mi

3. Turn right at NY-203/Rte-203/State Route 203
This is very short but a very busy street, so walk your bike for a couple of feet.
190 ft

4. Turn left at Shufelt Rd: watch out for the winding turns down the hill. Cars can't see you from the other side. Listen and stay far to the right. You come down out of that hill and there are beautiful fields on either side. Stop when you get to a little bridge and splash in the creek.
1.0 mi

If you want to keep going for another mile or so, you can go to a sheep/beef/poultry farm, also beautiful, and buy some stuff out of the freezer (honor system).

Go another quarter mile down Shufelt Road then:

5. Slight left at County Hwy-26/County Rte-21B/Rte-21B (not a busy road) 0.2 mi

6. Turn right at County Hwy-66/County Rte-21/Rte-21 (at the landing strip) 1.2 m

Here's the extra part:

No big streets at all.

1. Head east on Kinderhook St toward Park Row 0.1 mi
2. Continue on Central Square 141 ft
3. Continue on River St 0.6 mi
4. Continue on Highland Rd 2.5 mi
5. Turn right at Rock City Rd Destination will be on the right 0.4 mi

That's two for now.

Now the simming hole:

Driving directions to NY-66/Rte-66
10.1 mi – about 25 mins
28 Kinderhook St
Chatham, NY 12037
1.Head east on Kinderhook St toward Park Row
30 ft
2.Turn right at Park Row
404 ft
3.Turn left at Main St/NY-66
0.1 mi
4.Turn right at Central Square
141 ft
5.Continue on River St
0.6 mi
6.Continue on Highland Rd
2.5 mi
7.Turn left at Rock City Rd
79 ft
8.Slight right at Highland Rd
1.8 mi
9.Turn right at County Rte-13
0.5 mi
10.Turn left at Shaker Museum Rd
2.6 mi
11.Slight left at Albany Turnpike
98 ft
12.Turn right at NY-66/State Route 66
Continue to follow NY-66
Destination will be on the right
1.8 mi

The trick part is finding the spot. If you are going north, the parking space will be on the left. If you've passed the Tennesse Gas Pipline facility, you're getting close. If you get into the next county, you missed it.

Then you have to cross the stream to the beach.

Does this help?

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