Saturday, August 8, 2009

branch comes down, hot air balloon goes up, dogs go in (water), I climb up (bale), doors come open, that's not a dog

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Oh, and since only 15 people checked in on the last video, this will be the last video blog entry for awhile (if people don't want to see it, there isn't much point).

That branch hanging over the sidewalk was no good. $300 to take it down is a bargain compared to DEATH by falling limb. Thanks Bob Diruzzio tree company.

I thought I lost all of the videos from yesterday but I hadn't erased them all from the camera, so I could edit it again.

Price drop on DOG STORIES, my book. Now it's only $10 on Amazon!

We put the shirts we bought in Ethiopia on the kids and tried to get them to cooperate for a picture. Didn't work out.

Katie can jump the fence. Peanut and Lulu (both of them) are popular with the neighbor girl. Sinbad chewed that spot open again, damn it. Happy birthday Lulu.


vanessa said...

Please don't stop the videos its all I've got!

Got Dog Kennels said...

Good luck with the book sales.

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