Friday, August 21, 2009

catching up

At least we got most of the hay cut, baled and inside on the first week we could have done it since June. I still have to get about 80 bales off the field but I wanted to get at least a few shots of the dogs dodging in and out of the scattered square bales. The dogs didn't really feel like dodging in and out of the bales and kept going in the pond. And my tripod is busted, so I didn't really get the shot the way it should have been but it's going to rain and I have to finish editing and uploading this video and get out there and get the bales off the field, then I'll take the rest of the dogs, the ones I missed so far, out for a walk.

The little pony got out and spilled the grain. I tried to get the chickens to eat the stuff but then I took out the dogs -- and you'll see what happened.

I'm going to get a new tripod. All this handheld is making me dizzy.

I'm back in the blog groove. I'm still behind with hay and the garden and some very serious repairs to the roof but I will stay with the blog now. Thanks for your patience and check back tonight if you didn't see your dog in this one.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.


Dave Hahn said...

glad that maizy didn't actually catch that chicken! thanks for the excellent footage...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the video. maizy looks like she's having a blast. and what a good girl for leaving the chicken alone eventually! thanks for giving her a treat to reward the good behavior.

Michelle Bonfils said...

Sailor looks like he had as much fun as i did on my vacation! thanks for taking care of my pup!