Wednesday, April 9, 2008

warmer in here than in the city

Pretty rare but true at this moment. We're sunny and downstate has clouds.

While I make some space on my hard drive to finish download videos, I'll write up some reports. I have two days of videos and I have to convert them so it takes awhile.

KIMA: She's funny. Nervous at first, which is normal enough, she started to act like she really liked me. Today she wouldn't come to me again so I had to bride her to get her leash on and go for a walk. Moody.

I will post videos of her going for a walk. On the leash. If I trust the dogs offleash, they get in videos out and about. On the leash its kind of hard to record video. You'll see when I add the video links.

BILL: He comes very well when he's called. If you have good treats. Works great. His person is in Israel meeting the Prime Minister and Abu Mazen and trying to sort that situation out. Bill is just a big gulump. I should like to the blog about the trip... and I will.

CLEO: Some dogs don't like her. Can't imagine why. My dog is completely in love. I think it's maybe a love triangle anyway. Otherwise, she's having a ball.

JASPER: I put him him a limited selection of dogs even though he seemed fine with everyone except my dog. He likes Betty Lou and they were wrestling over this toy lobster for a long time.

Everyone else is fine. I want to take them swimming later today, so do check back.

NEWS FLASH: VIDEOS are in this folder. I will break down and describe each one soon.

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