Thursday, April 17, 2008

write up from yesterday: watch the goose video

What great weather. Should get out to the barn. Now, I will go through the videos from yesterday one by one but they are in the folder linked from the last entry, plus some that I'm uploading now.

This is old. A lot of these guys are home.

This is how ollie sends email. No dogs.

Lula going crazy.

More of Lula not swimming.

Ming, Adelaine, Clarence, Gracie, Duke (aka Uncle Charly available for adoption), Scout, and few more. Here.

Same group here. Looking for a good spot to swim.

Swimming, then a goose meanders, saunters, eases, strolls, paddles, casually passes by and NO DOG BARKS at him. Most don't even notice! PATHETIC!

Same group. More running.

Norman and Nora. Here. Woods.

The whole bunch back home. Here.

Jasper and hay bale. Hard to film and hold a leash and he is definitely thinking about running away.

Same as above. Still hard to make video.

Ming, Betty Lou wants to go back to Jasper. Love?

Gracie. Small but casts a long shadow. Everyone else too.

My little girl looked particularly cute in orange.

Still orange. Still cute.

My horses. Hungry.

Children carrying ducks to the pond.

Almost there. Don't drop the duck!

Yes, they swim!

Back to dogs in the evening. All.

Jasper joins the group. Yikes, he's looking for trouble,

So far so good.

More kids.

The end.

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