Sunday, April 20, 2008

video by video entry as promised

Remember to reload (page refresh or hit the back and then the forward button in your browser) if you don't see the video the first time. That works for me sometimes. And if you can't see quicktime, let me know.

We start out the morning with Willy and Freya running around and me watching two kids, Jim in the barn and my son wants to go to canoeing and I want to take care of the dogs. I try to do all this at once, but as you will see, it doesn't really pan out.

So here we start. Willy and Freya are around here somewhere. Strawberries, kids....

Then Ollie catches Willy and drags him around on a leash for no good reason. Willy seems to roll with the punches.

Now Ollie is getting the dogs all riled up and Bentley and Jasper have joined the chase and Freya finally decides to make a cameo.

Way off in the distance, you might see those four dogs or maybe Ollie. Certainly my very long early morning shadow. Oh and geese getting a rude awakening. Swimming.

Simon eats alone then I thought maybe I could canoe with just Simon and my dogs and Ollie but even that didn't seem to pan out. More of Simon. More and the canoe and Ollie and a lot of mud.

More kids, more mud. One dog.

Daughter Lotta looking cute, more of the same, still no canoeing.

Quick canoe with Ollie and a panoramic view of the pond (which runs big but not deep) and me giving Ollie a taste of the kind of thing I heard as a member of the Koloa Canoe club when I lived on Kauai, Hawaii.

Hay bales. I was hoping for dogs running in and out of the bales, creating a nice static-motion contrast, but they wouldn't do it right. Dogs: Duke (AKA Uncle Charly, who is available for adoption, Adelaine, Princess, Gracie, Luna and Loona.

Same group with nice close ups of Duke. Come on! Someone should find this guy a home! He's a great dog! You have to know someone.

Next up (on deck and out the door): Ming, Bonnie, Hazel, Norman, and Duke and maybe someone else. Fast fly by. These guys move pretty fast. Ming is a little mellower.

Another group. Sajj, Elton, Nora. Bean field. They don't plant this sucker until July for some reason. I mean, I know they want a late crop but they could get two crops of string beans on this one. Their business.

Wellington in the yard, looking for people, ignoring horses.

More of Wellington playing and hanging out.

Moki snapped the leash and ran, against doctor's orders. Betty Lou comes by. Moki only limps when he walks. He can run fine. Here.

Dog yard. All of them, pretty much.


kate said...

simon don't knock over the baby! oops

elizabeth said...

Thanks, Will. I really miss Adelaide. I like the clips of the ducks and children too.