Saturday, April 26, 2008

last day of fake pre-summer

That's the folder in case of broken links.

The ducks can swim now. Quite big.

This is old. Most of these guys are home already.

Here we have most of them (Bailey, Bonnie, Gracie, Django, Nora, Simon, Apple...) out and about.

More of them (above). When the field is planted, we'll have to stay out for a few months.

Sweet old Beany.

More Beany.

Here I tired to introduce Natasha to Django and while she didn't seem to mind the muzzle before Django showed up, after he got in, she tried to take it off... so Django needed to go out of there!

Chickens are still small. They are suppose to lay green and blue eggs. No joke.

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kate said...

Waited patiently to see Simon and he looks great thanks for the videos Will.