Friday, April 18, 2008

swim, some strange tape Ollie found, Gracie doesn't want to canoe... the story line for today

First, before I get to the narrative, let me mention the dogs not videoed. Moki is on bed rest. Betty Lou is keeping him company. Norman couldn't come out when Wellington was wandering around because Wellington hates him. I owe Norman a walk, and some more ball play in the water, which he likes.

Okay, now here's the main folder in case a link doesn't work or something:

Also try hitting refresh if you don't get it the first time. And let me know if you have trouble with quicktime files.

Here is Ollie with his lullaby tape. Sitting by the tree as I head out to the dogs. No dogs in either of these. Here he tries to mix German in there...

Nora Sagg Ming and Bonnie -- out the door.

More of those guys. Yet more.

Pond, same group.

More, can you believe.

New group. Princess, Hazel, Adelaine, Elton. Go!

Same group running free.

At the pond (same). Sense of pond with fade in...

Dogs bothering Ollie.

Wellington and Gracie. Jim working on stuff, Ollie playing with a saw and some wood.

Same as above.

Natasha (barking), Jasper and Bentley rough housing, most all the other dogs too. (Jasper and Bently are not ready to go running off leash yet.) General yard activity.

Willy, Freya and Luna here and here.

After 9258 in the main folder, we go canoeing, Gracie says no thanks, we get some ducks, see some horses, feed some chicken babies and so on. You can look around at those if you want to... they're really for my mother.


kate said...

pretty adorable. How' Simon he seems a little slow today.

glencadia said...

Simon is good but he didn't finish that meal you made him and maybe slow, tired... I'll get him some down time. He likes to be outside though... all the time,

kate said...

maybe he's adjusting, I miss him too. Kind of surprised he's not eating. yes, down time and lots of scratches behind the ears. He doesn't act this old at home! Thanks Will