Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Newsletter

This blog entry, or newsletter, talks about some discounts (refer a friend, book before June 15), includes a reminder about the bordatella vaccine, a dicussion of the term "glencadia," something about my FAQ page, and new information about dog grooming.  I just posted this: the date is when I first set the page up. 

But if you decide not to read the summer newsletter, quick before you click away, let me recommend the puppet show. (Or dogs by colors or our baby ducks. Or a dog who can open a latch with his paw. Remember wind and snow and more snow and sand or this silly thing and this video couldn't have more cute things.)

And if you can't get enough of the newsletter, I have something about Columbia County and the local area, apropos of nothing.

If your dog is here now and you want to see the most recent video (added today) click here.

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