Saturday, May 9, 2009

story line in the video

Here is what's going on: Ronnie Blue is in the house, for reasons that become apparent as you watch the movie (too small!). He's quite popular in here. We hired a new babysitter. You can here her come up the driveway for the first time. She's here now and she likes Ronnie too. 

Daisy is much more comfortable but still likes to be upstairs in the dog house. She kind of wants to come to me. And she darted off again when I was feeding her and she went right back upstairs, so I think Daisy and I have figured her dog camp protocols out.

Rocky was naughty again, damn it, and didn't even want one of his own cookies. I tricked him to come back: open the van door and say, "let's go for a ride." He couldn't resist that.

Pixel chases geese, bless his heart. I hate those geese. 

Gustov can open the latch in the barn and let everyone else out of the door, but they have to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let him work. 

"Sally go round the sun, Sally go round the moon, Sally go round the the chimney pot on a Sunday afternoon."


Anonymous said...

If Rocky doesn't want his cookies, try giving him Pup-peroni, great treats for dogs!

Anonymous said...

Will, thanks so much for taking such good care of Ronnie Blue and for posting the video online for me! I hope that he will have opportunities to be outside more, even if only on a leash. He loves Upstate and was so looking forward to being out in nature! Hope to see another video later this week.