Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q: How many dogs do you take?
A: The most we're had is about 50. Average is maybe 15.

Q: Where do they sleep?
A: We have 11 large rooms and, depending on how many we have, they sleep on the wood floor on a blanket, either grouped by us or by themselves.

Q: Can I come visit?
A: Sure. Email me for directions and map. It's far from the city, FYI.

Q: What do you do when it's cold?
A: We have heat lamps and a woodstove in the dog house. 

Q: Shots?
A: Rabies, distemper and bordatella.

Q: Dog stuff?
A: Don't give me anything you want back.

Q: Pick up or drop off in the city on days other than Monday or Thursday?
A: We can, but it will cost something. Email me for a price and availability.

Q: Not nuetered or fixed?
A: We can talk about it. Email me.

Q: Discount for more than one dog in the house?
A: Yes!

Q: Describe your facilities.
A: We have a large yard with a six foot fence. We have a number of smaller yards, also with 6 foot fences. Every room has a yard, so dogs can go inside and outside as they see fit all day long.

Anything else? Ask away in the comments below!

Someone just emailed me this:
Where are the dogs kept at night/ when not off leash?

The dogs sleep in room, and have a fenced yard and can go in and out
whenever they want.

Or here:

Here is the yard:

here is the barn:

How many dogs do you keep at a time?

At that time, probably about 25. Christmas is tops, like 50. Right
now, 12.

How supervised are they and what protections are there against bad
interaction or aggression from other dogs?

The system is that the dogs are all here for at least a few days and
85% have been here before, so I know them. Then we put them together
so they don't fight. Someone is in and around the place all the time,
although not necessary right out there in the barn. We head off fights
before they happen and haven' had so much as a scratch in a year,
knock wood.

And how much do you charge for pick up from Brooklyn?

No charge for pick up and delivery on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 to
9 pm.

We live in Westchester County do you pick up?  
We can pick up in Westchester on our way into or out of the city, unless you are really far east and we're busy, which is likely in August. So, if you live close to the Taconic, we can come to your house. If you live far away from the Hudson, you might have to meet us -- we can find a spot near the Taconic and call you when we're leaving the city and try to coordinate a stop.

I'm referring to the free pick up and drop off we offer on Monday and Thursday evenings. If you want pick up or drop off on any other night, that another (and expensive!) story.
Are there any addition charges on top of the prices on your website?


Our only concern is about him being off-leashed in a non-fenced area. We live next to Prospect Park and have taken him off leash on a few occasions. He is very quick and has run off; we don't think he is trying to escape but rather is excited by the freedom. Our best guess is that he came from a family who had a backyard and was rarely taken to open spaces off leash. So I guess I am wondering if you could give me more information abut your camp. I believe I read on your site that there is a 6 foot fence, but I also saw that the dogs are allowed to roam in unfenced areas. Is this true for all the dogs? It's not that I don't think he could handle it...I'm just not sure how he would react.

I don't just let any dog off the leash. I let the guys I know well off the leash, including some of the new dogs after awhile when I've had a chance to test them in the fenced area: do they come to me, are they interested in treats, do they seems scared or flightly, are they sniffing around for scents, did the dog check the fence out for holes, do they like the other dogs... If they seem okay, I'll let them off once and give it a try. But no, I don't assume the dog will come back without knowing the dog.

Obviously, I would not want to put you or your staff in a difficult position, and I of course want Iggy to be safe when we are away. Any thoughts or reassurance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Difficult situation like wading into a swamp calling out "Come!"? I think I've been in such a difficult situation. Or 100 other ones. I try to avoid them too.

We will be out of town June 27th through July 4th, but I am assuming that we would need to extend Iggy's stay to the Thursday prior and Monday after to coordinate with your pick-up/drop-off schedule (making his stay Thursday June 25 - Monday July 6, correct?). Do you have spots available during this time?

July 4th might fill up but it's not yet. And yes, unfortunately, you do have to make some adjustments for my Monday and Thursday routine. Let me know if you can figure it all out or not.

Finally, my boyfriend and I were actually considering taking a day trip up to the Hudson Valley in the next few weeks. Would it be possible for us to stop by your facility? If so, are certain days better for you then others?

Sure. I can email you a mapquest link (my house is not in google maps) and a map now if you want. I think it's best to play it by ear. Come when you can and if I'm not here, I can ask either Jim or Shanna to show you around when you get here.

On my blog there are some links to sites about columbia county and you definitely should make at least a day of it so we're not your only stop. I think the strawberries should be ready at the organic pick your own in Ancram, since my strawberries are ready. Let's see, Hudson, hiking, boats, swimming... let me know if you need any more advice.


Shari said...

What is the ratio of dogs to staff? Are the dogs ever together in a building without a human in the same building? You mention pick up in Brookly - Manhattan too?

Glencadia said...

We have 2 sometimes 3 employees plus various people (groomer, kids, etc.). Yes: the dogs are sometimes in the building when there is no human in the building. Usually, we're right next door in the house. Sometimes not. We pick up in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Monday and Thursday.

Erin said...

Do you have to meet the dog before his stay at camp? Or do we just send him?

Glencadia said...

We don't have to meet the dog prior to the dog coming up here. We can but it's not the normal way...

LuckyCar 54 said...

HI Glen--

Can you take a dog that needs to take medicine? My dog is a good fit for your camp, he is drooling over the pics!! accept for the need to his medicine for arthritis. Let me know if this is possible and I will book a trip for him over Christmas break!

Glencadia said...

Yes, we take dogs that need medicine. Email me with any specific questions too since I'm not sure your see this response here.

Glencadia said...

1. How many dogs do you board at once?

Christmas will be busy -- 50 which is max and I'm pretty close to it now.

2. What type of supervision?

We are with them all morning -- about 4 hours, two people at Christmas. Then we're done for awhile and we move them around and I go in the house -- which is near the barn but not right there. Then in the afternoon we come back out and put them to bed. In between I pop in once and awhile when we're busy to check, or to let a different group have the big yard.

The trick is to know the dogs -- who needs what and get a nice vibe going. Since we know about 85% of the dogs, this works well.

3. Are they separated by size?

Usually. I often have an honorary small dog or two -- big ones who seem to do better with smallies. But other factors might over rule size: age, sex, personality.

4. Are there are any on-leash walks?

They can go in and out whenever they want -- the field is about 1.5 acres and they take turns on the big field but everyone can always go outside when they want to -- unless it's very cold or something.

5. Where do they sleep?

There are many room -- 13 -- and I can put a couple here and a couple there and give them some blankets. If I have a good group that is getting along well, I might let them figure out how to distribute themselves.


Anything else, shoot.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Did you stop updating the video blog?