Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recession Price Cut and Refer a Friend Program

Recession Price Cut for Early Reservations

Main point here: book early and you get a discount. Scroll down for more savings by referring friends.

From what I have been able to acertain, Glencadia Dog Camp is just about the cheapest option New York City residents have for commerical dog boarding. We do more, just charge less.  

Of course, asking your friend to watch your dog is cheaper, but just wait until they charge you for your dog peeing on their sofa. 

"But my dog never pees in the house. You must not have taken him for a walk. What did you do to my poor dog?" you'll say.

"I watched your stupid dog for 2 weeks and he peed on my sofa and all you can do is insult me. What kind of friend are you? Goodbye!"

See, at 30 bucks a day, Glencadia Dog Camp is a bargain. You get to keep your friends. Friends are extremely valuable. 

I wouldn't want to pay too much for my dog when I'm already paying to go somewhere (flight, hotel, etc.). I have paid more than I charge, back when I lived in the city, and I know for sure I didn't like it. Still, despite the agony paying that outrageous fee caused me back in 1999 when I lived on 11th street in Brooklyn, I gave the owner of that boarding facility a tip (hint, hint, wink, wink).

Just kidding about the tip (no tipping, really). Can't resist a joke. Jokes aren't carrots: they don't grow on trees. Wait, neither do carrots. They sprout out of the ground, like worms.

Times are rough and we all have to pinch every penny in order to bailout Bank of America, so I want to chip in and help out. So, if you make a reservation before June 15, you get a break on the price (that's where this is going!). 

As we head into a situation of both inflation based on excessive government spending and/or deflation based on continual cost cutting in the face of sagging demand, how about I do my miniscule part to contribute to the deflationary tendencies in order to help drag the economy into a permanent tailspin? Wait, that sounds like it's a bad thing. Or maybe, because inflation is inevitable I will go out and borrow some money I don't need and pay it back when the dollar is worthless. 

Or how about I just tell you what the early reservation discount is? Nevermind the macroeconomics, here is my temporary price cut:

Short stay rate: $30 per day, pick up and drop off in the city on Monday and Thursday included
use discount code earlybirdshort
Medium stay rate: 8 or more days, $25 per day
use discount code earlybirdmedium
Long term stays: 14 or days, $20 per day
use discount code earlybirdlong

These rates are for all reservations made before June 15. After that, all prices will revert, so plan your summer travel now, if you can. 

If you already booked for the summer, we can make the discount retroactive... I will do those manually. 

And don't forget to put the worm sprouting festival on your calendar for next spring. Or the carrot tree festival in the fall.

Refer a Friend Program

If you refer someone to Glencadia,  you will get an $50 credit toward your next boarding. The credit is supposed to be automatic, but the add-on to my reservation software isn't yet.  

So, for now, just tell your friend to put a note in the comments field when they make a reservation so I'll be sure to apply it to your next bill.

So tell your friends about Glencadia, save 50 bucks. 

And if any of this is unclear, email me or post a question at the FAQ page in the comments section. 

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