Monday, May 25, 2009

fireflies and frogs and dogs, dogs, dogs

memorial day weekend at glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

Pancho is Fenway and Fenway is Poncho. Whoops.

So here is the Memorial Day 2009 blog entry, which is a list of thoughts and things I meant to say in no particular order:

Fireflies ad Frogs

I noticed fire flies last night for the first time. For the past two years (see 2009 and 2008) I have noted the day the frogs woke up, and I thought I would add the first day of fireflies from now on.

The frogs all come out at once. As soon as one male frog starts singing, they all get up and get to it. It goes from deadly winter quiet to loud and that means sping. That is the real official start of spring for us: the night the frogs all wake up.

The fireflies are not so dramatic and it is quite possible they were out and I didn't notice. And there were only a few last night. They kind of fade in and fade out, not like the frogs. Still, I'm going to propose to the family that the first night we notice fireflies is the official first day of summer for us.


The past few days I made some good videos and I felt the urge to keep up with standard of the past few days, which means I have to get all the shots in, then edit, the upload and then write it up. That all takes time and the weekend is ending today and I still hadn't got the video up, until now. What also didn't help was we were planning this party and had to spend all Friday night in the emergency room because an MRI mis-reported a dissected artery in my wife's brain. Turns out, there is no problem, but we got home at 2 in the morning. And she wasn't allowed to nurse due to the dye for the CT scan. The baby was mad, mad all night, very, very mad, and then there was a party... and the blog had to suffer. Thank god I have Jim around here. Phew!

Haircut and 25 Pounds

I need to loose weight and get a haircut. Or stay out of the videos.


That boy is camera shy. I set up a shot out in a field. I'm all ready to have a picturesque rural scene. I go back and get some dogs, including Seamus, and he runs back to the barn. And then I come in the barn with a 2-year old on my head, and he panics. So, the video includes some shots of him, but for such a big guy, I have managed to miss out getting him in pictures.


Poncho was scared and needed some special attention. I decided to keep him with just a few dogs -- mostly Sumi, turns out -- because he seemed overwhelmed. And he was afraid of me, cowering when I came in. So I decided to take him for walks regularly -- regular walks with a leash, with just a couple dogs, which isn't what I normally do. I want him to think that something good will happen every time he sees me and I don't want to overwhelm him. Today, though, I think I'll just put him in the big group. He seems much better. At the party we had (goodbye to some friends moving to New Mexico) I took him out for a walk again and he loved this one woman I didn't know, all excited to see her, which just reinforced how ambiguous he was about me. Still, he's starting to like me now. I guess he likes girls better, and I can't blame him.

Gracie and Maizy

They hate each other. I think its Gracie, have to try to keep them apart.

Tina and Frankie

Settled in well. Tina has her pushy moments, but they are just fine. I figured a lab like Frankie would like a swim. See video.


Hey, I made a very long video of Tizoc mostly eating grass, then the tractor came by... it was a good little shot. Where is it? I didn't see it when I downloaded the videos. Sorry: I will look again.


Owners say, "Also, regarding OFF LEASH time, she is very responsive when paid close attention to, but when left on her own she tends to get bored and start wandering farther and farther off. If it is not a situation with direct supervision where she can be called back by name every few minutes, I suggest starting her out in an enclosed area. I am also not sure how responsive she is to new people, as opposed to her owners. PLEASE HANDLE OFF LEASH WITH CARE."

I have to disagree with that. She can jump a six foot fence. When she does, she goes absolutely no where, except to the house to find someone or hang out on the lawn with the house dogs. I completely trust her off leash. She shows no signs of wander lust, doesn't bother chickens.


Hicks got a cut. He's fine, but has to stay clean, which is a drag for him, one day so far, just yesterday. No sand in the cut, so he can't be out in the yard all day, poor Hicks. He made up for it by chasing and cornering and nibbling on a chicken. I mean I live, running away, scared as hell chicken. Luckily, he didn't know how to efficiently kill her. Next time I think he would make short work of a chicken. And now he knows where they are!

Everyone Else

Fine, nothing to significant to report.

Here is something extra:


Anonymous said...

My eleven year-old daughter and I found the fireflies video dreamy. Magical first weekend of summer with dogs and kids. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea hicks could do that. Thanks for your patience during a trying weekend. Glad your wife is fine. T

Mary said...

Thanks for all your extra care for Fenway aka Poncho ;).