Friday, March 21, 2008

spring? listen to the wind in these videos

We got a big group in here now but everyone is pretty good. I might opine more later but let's get to the videos.

But first a dog barely in here: Pipi. He was a little nervous about me this morning when I made the videos and didn't want to follow me on a walk. He's much better now -- I was just out there rotating groups, letting the little ones have the big yard for a few hours before dark -- and he's settled in.

Here is the folder:

My dog is always wrecking stuff. And humping everyone. I guess he's adolsecent now. And Betty Lou in here too. And talking about food.

Group one: Duece, Ramsey (14! years old!). Uncle Charly/Duke (available for adoption)!, Bonnie, Sally: here.

Notice how Butch, my little one, tries to keep them all in? He learned that from my dog Pipi who dies last fall. The tradition of harassing the guest remains as her legacy. Man, that was the best dog. We all love our dogs and all but in sheer usefulness and hard work and effectiveness, no dog can compare to Pipi, and I would know. She was one in 600 (which I have had here). No dog does what she did: herding, watch dog, protector. She was worth her weight in gold.

Back to business. More of Group one (as above) here.

Archie is doing a lot of barking (off camera) because he's by himself, poor guy. I put him with soneone when walks were over and he cheered up.

Here is Group one and again, with Gustov up to no good.

And more of same group inspecting the trash my neighbor dumps in the woods. Here. More of them again here.

Little ones here (Gali, Sawyer, Teddy, AndyWalter, Freya). Why Freya as a small dog? Because she jumped over the fence and came with us. Only dog that can jump the fence (for awhile anyway). Little dogs here and here.

Group 3: Sugar, Maddox, Sophie, Otis, Ruby, Edith. Here and here. In another field here. That's a really nice long one.

Many brown labs fighting over a stick here.

Stick war #2 here.

Group 4: Bear, Elton and Moose. Now they are on the old empty gourd field. Makes a nice crunchy sound.

Bear playing chase with me. Here.

Archie here.

Jack and Jello -- now I trust Jack off the leash. Took me a little while. Here. Jello? Here.


Misui has turned into a wild animal. He does come inside but runs out again as soon as he sees me. He's sure he doesn't want to be closed up inside when he can be out, I think.

Here are all dogs including Mussi.

Pipi and small dogs... Pipi cheared up this afternoon and we'll work on some better videos of him tomorrow.

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Rosanne said...

So happy to see that Sally is having fun. This blog + videos -- great! Thanks for posting.