Saturday, March 29, 2008

100 entries

For the record, this is the 100th entry on this blog.

Sunny oddly cold day. Blogger won't let me upload video to the blog directly today. It's pretty temperamental that way. I saved many forms of the video, lower and higher res, still didn't take.

I meant to get video of everyone out for a toot but then Ollie came by and I got him with the dogs instead.

Don't forget: 2 dogs for adoption, Natasha and Duke (AKA Uncle Charley).

This is the folder for all the videos.

Ramsey is 14 and healthy... remarkable. And he's a breed (I kind of thought mutts had a better chance). Here he is getting a little something special because he didn't eat much this morning.

Here is the whole group more or less.

Natasha with come company (finally). Here.

Opening the door and letting them all out.

Forgot to let Betty Lou out after she ate... I think she should eat alone! Here she is joining the group again.

This is my son Ollie coming out as I was looking for Ramsey.

Ollie went in with the dogs... Jello, Maggie Lou, Teddy, Gila... some others.

More of an outnumbered boy with dogs... he gets his thumb chomped trying to get a ball out of the mouth.

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