Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 cats, many dogs

So a reminder: Natasha and Duke (in videos here) are for adoption if you know anyone.

Here are Duke, Gustov and Butch hanging around the yard. Butch (the little one) is the ring leader, sending the group out after a rabbit, cat or horse, depending on what moves.

Here are the cats. Wait, why cats in the dog blog? Stick with the video and you will see the food closet, the dogs inside, outside, fetch, no fetch, etc. A long one: 2 and a half minutes!

Imagine being a cat living in a barn with up to 50 dogs.

More of everyone in the yard. Here.

This is Natasha. Here. She could be yours.

Letting the dogs out. Here.

Those little dots are your dogs. Just wait. Here.


1 comment:

aliciam said...

Edith looks like she's having fun - so glad that she's getting a vacation of her own!