Monday, August 27, 2007

my son gets knocked over, splashing in the dog pool, horse cameos: day 2 of the blog

Today I will make sure to get Coco and Cocao in there, Blanco, Moka (hey what is this, the Starbucks menu?), Addie and Lela (Williamsburg hounds), and a bunch I didn't get before...

With Coco I finally decided that she was cool with the dogs but still nervious with me. Since she's quiet, I put her in the area right next to my house. Then she can see us come in and out of the house all day. That's working nicely.

Branco is in there too to be with Lady Day. Vern is scared of Branco and I have to clean that area now... I can't believe he's scared of Branco, the most mellow old fellow. But he says he growls at him... and it's pretty messy in there.

Other video highlights: Hector swims in the yard, or splashes around, Annie is learning how she wants to be with other dogs, and she should tone it down for her own sake, so I broke Lucy and Annie up -- bad combo. Lucy was also going around provoking. Two peas in a pod today. But they're all walked, fed and watered now, I re-arranged the groups and I do not hear any barking at all anywhere.

Oh, and Jaka get sprayed with a hose. She likes that, although in the video it doesn't look like it so clearly. Ruby also likes that. Ruby is all over this one too.

And we go past the horse fence -- you get a few horse cameos in there.

That's offen how it goes: by the time the dogs settle down and I figure them all out, it's Monday and everyone goes home and a new bunch comes in and everything starts over again.

Okay go to and look for the numbers.



MVI_6473: Coco over in the front cage by the house with a dirty camera lense, our dog Gustov, my baby screeming, Lady Day and Branco, Moses (who was later sent back to barn for excessive barking during baby sleep time), and a puppy falling in a bucket.

MVI_6473: Jaka getting her morning rinse before it gets hot.

MVI_6475: Yard with tons of dogs, including a lot of barking and Cocoa being cool. Tons of dogs.

MVI_6476: Reilly, Blanco, Storm, others in the yard

MVI_6477: Addie cool, lots of playing, Lucy barking at Hector, piles of dogs

MVI_6478: Ollie ignoring a comotion, dogs everywhere but Ollie stays calm and collected, Elvis gets in front of the camera, two golden doodles, Hector splashing, Storm, Moka and Annie in a tirangle

MVI_6479: Lucy and Annie don not get along. Lot of other dogs.

MVI_6480: By horse fence, Princess Elvis, Ghenji, Amari, Murphy, Moka, Cacao and the fences are confusing and we can't seem to get it together... then we do, Evlis and Moka tumble

MVI_6481: Same group as above with me trying various pronunciations of Cacao in order to get him to turn around. Same group as above and a pretty funny video here.

MVI_6482: Same as above with rolling.

MVI_6483: My son tries to catch Rielly who knocks him off his bike. Also in on this: Remy, Ruby, Miles, Lela, Ghenji, Murphy or Murphy look alike... who is that dog with long black fur and brown who isn't Murphy? Yikes...

MVI_6484 and 5: same group as above

MVI_6485: Williamsburg Hounds

See a lot of you tonight. I need to go get the rental van and then get a nap in... see ya.

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