Friday, July 24, 2009

while the video uploads

Thanks to those who bought my crazy book...

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

First failure:

Cleo: was a bit nervous but is already waging his tail... didn't take too long
Django: fine
Captain Mellow: good
Sylar: with just a couple of mellower dogs, was nervous about me, not dogs, seems better already
Quincy: energy is great... doesn't seem 11 at all
Mingus: mingus is mingus
Matilda: Chloe, Matilda and Cali are a non-stop trio
Meena: ran around a lot
Mack: has a slight limp, seems fine
Helmut: can only handle the ramp: no stairs
Clover: excellent
Reese: everyone wants to hump Reese. He puts up with it.
Charlie: hates the horses
Tucker: quite a clown
Brutus and Lou Lou: having a fine time
Lucy: bigger
Cali: fine
Chloe: great
Sinbad: trucking along
Bond: greedy
Natto: little bossy
Remy Lulu: fine
Pixel: greedy
Lulu Stella: funny
Kenya: loud
Jackson: fine
Rupert: still doesn't love me: prefers women and children
Tattoo: excellent
Ringo Starr: mixing it up
Newman: an island of calm
Brady: ready to go
Colin: plays well with Mingus
Buster: jeeze buster, stop it with running out the door ...
Howzer: wow is he getting to be at home and comfortable here
Gracie: fine
Tina: fine
Frankie: fine


Hollis said...

Reese is always getting humped. Can you get pictures of him playing this week? I didn't see him outside. Thanks.

Lauren said...

Great to see Cali running around with other dogs! She is usually too ball-obsessed to do that..

Vanessa said...

If you have a tennis ball Rupert will fetch for days - does he get to run around off leash in a fenced in place?

Melissa said...

Great video, Will! Not sure if Matilda told you, but Howzer is also a friend of hers from Central Park. ;-) So glad she has two pals with her this week. She looks like she's having a blast!