Friday, July 10, 2009

straight up blog entry

Sorry for the delay updating this blog. I like to do it more often than this... plus I am updated and uploading, then going back out to make sure those that didn't get a chance to swim do, and might upload again and this is in progress and I think I got everyone in here and please feel free to leave a comment telling me I left your dog out and I will make sure to feature them more prominently next time and how long a run-on sentance can I write and we'll see and I'm done but still running-on and I think that's about enough.

This video doesn't seem to be uploading, damn it.

Wait: here it is!

third try uploading this video from glencadia on Vimeo.

Here is all the evidence I tried to get this to work before:

Rocky: joe cool
clover: happy visla
Romeo: cancelled
Lady Lulu: nervous! yet to settle in... but we are working hard on it.
Charlie: not loud for a beagle... friendly and happy
Theo: also a bit nervous this morning, not much, and is already better this afternoon
Mingus: mingus is mingus
Max: doing fine, not barking so much
Iko: little skittery but very affectionate
Lou Lou and Brutus: like big dogs
Bailey: more relaxed these days
Shibby: swimming
fenway: does not always bark, only when the video camera is on
Sinbad: legs are better and LOVES the massage
Spencer: comes when called offleash
Bond: seems happy to be back
Suzie: a lot of dog
Lulu and Remy: doing great is Iko also the same breed? Iko and Lulu are similar.
JB: friendly puppy, likes the little ones
Pixel: has not gained weight
Stella and Lulu: great with the puppy.
Molly: my wife says these were most common dogs when she was going up in Germany and is glad to have her around
Kenya: still stealing
Jackson: action jackson
Bruno: having a fine old time
Cleo: fine, now that the loud noises stopped
Ringo Starr: happy to play in the small dog room
Annie: doing great... OWE YOU MORE VIDEO!
Daisy: did you see what she is like now? can you believe it?
Moki: hates getting a hair cut and wrecks buckets -- no one's perfect
Lady: matured, but still a lot of dog


brett said...

Video doesn't seem to be working for some reason.

Iko and Lulu are, in fact, totally opposite breeds. But they do look like siblings, don't they.

yellowman said...

thanks for posting - it's great to see some shots of Charlie - the girls miss him! More would always be great!

thanks, Charlie's family

Rachel said...

We would love to see more of our little JB. We hope he is settling in well and making lots of friends!