Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dog camp, the book

Three years and one thousand dogs later, it's here: the dog camp book, DOG STORIES: Watch Your Step. Telling dog stories for years--about the time the dog got stuck under the barn, about the dog that ate the gingerbread house, about the fireworks--I've heard over and over again that "you should write these down." Well, now I did.

What would it be like to live with 50 dogs? We sold our house in Park Slope Brooklyn and bought an ancient house with 15 acres and a massive barn in upstate New York. The barn became the home away from home for dogs from New York City, thousands of dogs (or maybe only a thousand) over many years. Culling through the stories I found myself telling over and over again, the funniest incidents, DOG STORIES is a collection of 15 humorous stories about dogs the situations you find yourself in if you take care of and transport hundreds of dogs over years and years, all the things they bite and eat, the places they go and the things their owners think about them.

Your dog, or one like your dog, might be in here, maybe pseudonymously, in image or story. One thousand dogs later I should be able to tell a couple of good stories. And here is the Glencadia Dog Camp guarantee: if you don't laugh once, out loud, while reading this book you are entitled to a full refund and a bone.

Get it here.

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