Friday, November 21, 2008

classic glencadia video

Today's video has many of the classic glencadia elements: dogs, pumpkins, kids, buckets, horses, cats, geese. Only, some of it is in the evening and some of it is at night. You get to see the dogs going to bed there somewhere. And the video is about 11 minutes long, so stick with it.

I saw great blue heron today, a migrating bird, who stopped by our pond. I usually only see them like that: for one day. Oh, and a lot of shooting stars as I drove home last night. It was a clear, moonless night and two of the shooting stars really seemed to come right at me.

It's cold but I like it: that cold air, it really wakes you up. Going out to get more wood at night... I think the dogs like it fine to, except for Theo. Here in medium upstate New York, you're only halfway up there. You still have tons of big cities north of here: Minneapolis, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal. There are millions and millions of fools way north of here.

Glencadia Dog Camp Nov 21 - Funny bloopers are a click away


Darlaspeeps said...

Great day. Darla looks like she's having a great time. Thanks!

Kimmi Vic said...

Hi Will and Mecca! Thanks for posting the video, Gunner looks like he is having a blast and that makes me feel ALOT better! Is he eating??

Ron said...

Thanks Will,
Wellington looks like he's having a great time as always. The writing in the blog is great too.