Friday, November 28, 2008

facestat and other things

Dog videos and more dog videos... (including todays) let's try something different.

I put some of the dogs pictures up on facestat. People vote based on a person's face (trustworthy, attractive). Mostly silly kids. I added a couple of dogs. Let's see what they say about your dogs.





Can only add three a day. I wonder if they will kick me out for putting up dogs?

glencadia 2008-11-28 - kewego
Keywords: dogs glencadia pets

I have videos that pre-date this blog by over a year, for the record, but here are a few old ones of dogs here now:

And here is a link too a very old video of Wellington.

Shiloh and Otto, years ago. More from that same day in 2007.

A long time ago, Moki.

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Bryan Black said...

yeah boo's a little mental about eating in general... glad to see he's chillin out a bit... i think it's maggie but i'm not completely sure but she's got a hilarious bark. :)