Saturday, August 28, 2010

a proper glencadia blog entry

This is how the blog is supposed to be: a good long video with every dog in it (for sure!) and a nice dog report.

Untitled from glencadia on Vimeo.

Anyone get it to work on an iphone? Supposed to.

Charlie - has a hot spot and is chewing it... might need a collar on his head to stop it
Mackey - hope that thing on his head won't scar.
Shiela - got into with someone and got a nick on the ear... she's been better since then
Maggie Blue - limping, I emailed you
Finn - eating tons, not whining at all
Buzz - doesn't like Bill... and you guys live near each other, sort of... they worked it out
Bogey - not nervous for one second although first time here
Tilo - can't deal with a big group of dogs but does okay with one at a time, like Frankie, who he defers to, very smart
Buckley - running and playing as you see in the video
Clover - great, lovely...
Griffin - he barks if I don't let him have the complete run of the place and he gets stuck upstairs and needs help getting downstairs
Maximus - comic relief, along with the ducks
Ruby - great... I can't think what to say
Sam, Alex, Billie - Lotta, my daughter, loves these guys. Billie is making friends with the cat.
Gertie - she nibbles your hand to get a pet, very sweet
Red - won't stay in the small dog area
Moses, Clementine - Clementine took off when we went for a walk, which was a surprise since I was concerned about Moses, who isn't as good usually... she came back soon enough.
Lucie (small yellow) - can't be with the small dogs: too pushy... honorary big dog
Sadie - an angel
LouLou Brutus - not angels... but having a ball, a real complete ball and never sit still all day long
Bailey - doesn't act old
Reilly - little bit on the lazy side
Stella - a good camper, great dog
Lucy (black) - very fast, doing great
Lucy (skinny yellow) - lost a little weight, so we're giving her double portions and leaving her by herself part of the day to eat
Wellington - tries to keep all the dogs from coming out for a walk... acting up a little this morning
Bill - his scar was a bit red and we put the ointment on it although it was long since healed
PJ - too fat, nice
Tina, Frankie - same
Tanja - she's doing well now
Choks - doing great


Anonymous said...

Bill, where are you Bill? Did I miss him in the video?

Anonymous said...

Oh nevermind, I looked at yesterday's video! He seems so calm. Such a good boy! Bill!