Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my domain has been squat upon

Lesson for today: Keep your domain registrations current and don't assume the company you register the names through will automatically remind you to do it. Don't assume you are too small potatoes for squatters to get in and sit on your domain.

When I first started this business, glencadia.com wasn't available. So I did business through glencadiadogcamp.com until I got glencadia.com

I did not renew my glencadiadogcamp.com domain and it expired and my webhost didn't tell me, so some automated squatters parked themselves on my old domain and want to sell it back to be for a lot of money.

I don't really need glencadiadogcamp.com any more since I have glencadia.com, except that it comes up in Google searches. Also, some people have an email address under that domain.

Whatever I had at glencadiadogcamp.com will now be at:

Thank you.

And this is an excellent cause:

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