Friday, December 26, 2008

video and problems with video

dec 26 at glencadia dog camp from glencadia on Vimeo.

1. It's hard to keep the lens clean while I do this.
2. I tried the group thing again, categories.
3. Brooklyn pulls out a come from behind surprise victory.
4. Ran out of batteries.
5. The dogs are loud and rambunctious BEFORE breakfast. A lot of this is early when I let them all out in the yard. Crazy time. It gets calmer for the rest of the day, after eating and going for a walk and running... and right now (6 pm) is totally quiet. Not a peep.

I will embed video soon.


Stevie said...

Love the spastic dog group! Show us more Parker- love that she won't go with the little dogs- that's like her!

David said...

Thank you for showing Hunter! He is our little spaz! Love that he has friends in that group. : )

Salley said...

THANK YOU for the awesome videos! It's so fun to see Nanook with his pack of black, two letter, dog pals - we are loving the attendance and the group walks.

fbputter said...

Thank you for the fun videos. Max looks happy running around and my children get very excited whenever he pops ups. We would love to see more of Max. :)

Bryan Black said...

love the videos! My family is amazed at the amount of dogs. would love to see more vids of boo! :)

Joseph Coffey said...

We love to see our Natto. She seems to be doing well. More pictures please:)