Monday, December 15, 2008

power to the people, to the dogs, to the horses... no

ice storm in upstate new york - kewego
see for complete coverage
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Here is a lower res version of the ice video.

The storm was quiet, beautiful but destructive,. The ice kept coming. I walked out to the barn at about one in the morning and heard the trees falling from all sides, far away, close by, some more creaking. It was a gentle rain, so I could hear the trees far in the woods creaking, then going down. “When will it stop?” If the ice kept building up, I would think all the trees would fall.

Now we have high wind.

Because the electricity wires are above ground on poles, so the slow steady rain at 2 degrees below zero was a catastrophe. I’m sure it is cheaper to string them up there like that rather than bury them in the ground. It must be.

Four days without power and they just brought online the houses on the road across the field. So now we can see their lights. “Not fair!” Ollie said. “They shouldn’t put the lights on in part of the town until everyone gets power.” It means only a short drive for as much water as we want.

All people fine. All dogs fine. All horses good. Cats, chickens well. Hawks, crows good. Guys with chainsaws employed. Coffee shop with internet, busy. It's a goddamn local stimulus package.

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