Friday, July 3, 2015

google cloud

I haven't been uploading videos here, instead emailing and texting them individually. However, today I used a Samsung phone and I couldn't get the videos to download directly to my computer, instead they all go to the cloud.

This is annoying in the short run, as the videos would be done by now if I used my iPhone (which is more or less broken due to a tiny bit of humidity, I think, or for no reason). In the long run, however, it might be easier.

I am waiting for the phone to upload. In the meantime I'm posting a link to an old video to verify that the system will work and people can indeed see the videos that get clouded to the cloud autocloudly.

I kind of like not being dependent on the cloud and using my own storage. I kind of like the older operating systems that are not so well tracked and integrated with the internet. I kind of like how in the old days no one else was involved in your own data and you could run your own applications and own them. Anyway, hopefully there will be some cute dogs here soon.

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