Friday, April 2, 2010

who wants popcorn?

kids over to play, sunny day, Jim's back is better, things are good

Too bad Frankie killed the rooster. I liked that rooster; he wasn't mean and most are, so he was perfect. Still, I have another one.

Maximus jumped up to get the ball out of my hand and bit me and knocked the camera on the floor. What a jump! Kind of caught on video, below.

I was trying to find the perfect place for Piper. I think I may have. Watch!

I know, Stella, not Ruby. I had 2 Stellas and 2 Rubies and 3 went home. The last one was a Stella, not a Ruby. I still have 3 out of 4 Lucies.

Ollie, my son, says I should get the photo that Budgi took in this video and post it, and she forgot to take her camera home, so I can. And I will.

And this is pretty funny if I say so myself:

kids and dogs april 2 2010 from glencadia on Vimeo.

At about 9 minutes you will see this picture get taken:

I can't. Wrong USB chord.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving long Lucy attention and affection!!
From her brother,

Blair said...

It looks like paradise up there, Will. Your kids are gorgeous, all fifty of them! Thanks as always for taking great care of Bill.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of Long Lucy! From her brother, Graham

drosenberg said...

Hey Will,

Perfect. A camp without the crazy counselors. Just the freedom to run and play. But where is Dylan??? I know he would love to play in the stream and run through the field. Is he being a diva????

Randi Gesslein said...

How wonderful to see everyone enjoying the changing Spring landscape and the sunshine. At one point the dogs are all standing still and just listening to something. Thanks to Jim for his patience while he brought Peanut to see me during his very long drive to Brooklyn and back. said...

nice blog i love it