Friday, November 27, 2009

dogs dogs dogs dogs

thanksgiving again from glencadia on Vimeo.

And this seemed to work for me too.

Here are a couple of points in no order:

This was a good day, last summer.

1. My camera has been giving me a hell of a time. Not surprising considering how often it gets knocked over but still, extremely annoying. I was sitting out there in the barn trying to get the damn battery to connect to that sucker and light it up with all those barking saying they were ready to go for a walk, I knew it wouldn't be too long before something would happen and I would have to go back in the house to do something due to some kind of emergency or whatever, and I started to get frustrated. I found that I could make the camera work by plugging it in but that meant I could only shoot in two spots in the barn, both of which are cramped and dark. But then, for no reason I could think of, it came back on! It works fine again, funky machine.
2. If you see the dogs apparently really enjoying their treats, that's turkey. I handed it out as treats instead of trying to put it in the bowls with the food, which cause pandemonium last year.
3. I like doing the videos better than writing about the dogs.
4. If you didn't see your dog, leave a comment.
5. Lotta, 3, says at one point, seeing two Airedales, Clementine and Moses, "look someone cut that one into two pieces." I think there were a couple of funny comments that might be hard to hear.
6. I added about 20 seconds from the previous two videos because they were good shots.
7. I edit these with the sound off so I'm not sure if you hear me calling for various naughty dogs -- Clementine, Georgia, Layla, Moki. Lucky -- but they all came back when they remembered the turkey.
8. I really dress badly, then video tape myself and put it on the internet. I don't make sure my daughter's hair looks nice and we're wearing any old damn thing, for the record. And, I look at these videos right after my wife showed me a picture of myself from 1997 when I weighed 25 pounds less. That hurts.

Buzz can open doors like you wouldn't believe.

Gustov took Layla for a walk. Layla is really stubborn when it comes to eating.

Ella was a little camera shy but is fine.

Rigby went to stay with the kids, since I wasn't sure she liked dogs that much.

I had Tallulah categorized as an honorary small dog. That seemed to work.

Luna has to go to the house to get human attention since she doesn't like me (or any men) but I have to take her there, whether she wants to go with me or not.

after thanksgiving from glencadia on Vimeo.

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