Friday, March 20, 2009

no frogs yet

03/20/09 from glencadia on Vimeo.

Last year the frogs came on April 1. When one frog gets out of the mud and starts singing, they all do right away, so it goes from quiet at night one night to loud the next, so it's a very clear demarcation of the season. They do go back to sleep if it gets cold again. We've had a lot of very warm days but I don't think we've had a night above freezing all night. I think that might be the test: two nights in a row where it stays above freezing all night. Just a theory. You can look up last year by doing a search for "frog" on this blog.

Hopefully in the next few days you will see me get somewhere with Casey: I'm trying to get him to do a few things consistently. We'll see how we do. Today I was just introducing the idea of the treat in the fist.

Matilda and Chloe do remember each other. I see them together all the time.

Theo goes up the stairs, then won't come back down on his own. I have to go get him, then he goes back up.

Mouse can jump one of my fences, so I have to put Boss and Mouse on a different side when I'm not there... actually, he stays in the yard until he hears a voice on the other side of the fence.

Bill is perfect about coming and not wandering off: I don't know why I ever worried about him wandering off.

Allie will sit by herself and not even follow me around, unless she thinks I have a treat.

Captain Mellow was all over this but that video wasn't on the camera when I came home.

Elton is still kind of horny for a castrated dog.

Bessie really wants to get at the chickens. She has no idea what she will do when she gets one, as she had one cornered and only licked it.

Grover, Ruby, Maggie Lou, Fenway, Gracie: all fine.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, we loved the video! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! When did she grow up? Amazing.

Thanks, as always, for taking care of our boy Bill.


Blair, Courtney, and Eliza