Sunday, January 6, 2008

melting snow day

Rest of videos here.

Yesterday on the ice... no dogs here.

Little ones (wellington, tsunami, alfie, dylan, sophie in there too sometimes) here and here. Here is Alfie biting himself... and now he's in the house with a collar on his head. One more of this group. Wait, another here.

Next group: Cabo, Petie, Allie, Sophie again, Ollie I think... here.

Hana, Kurumi, Fletcher and Turbo: here and here.

Oscar, Lola, Lucy, Pearl here. And here.

The above group plus the Cabo, Petie, Allie set... here. And here.

Lastly, me and Helmut talking on the phone about New Hampshire with a friend who works here and Helmut on a leash.

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